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Northern Lights Mood Lamp: Aurora Borealis Series

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Too bad you can't just pack the Northern Lights into a magic orb and place it on your dresser. Oh wait... You can.

Capturing the wonderful beauty of the Aurora Borealis was no easy task, but at last, we've done it.

Watch in awe as the Northern Lights Mood Lamp puts on a magnificent show of Mystery and Wonder while fading from Red, to Green, then Blue

Features 3 interactive light modes: Strobe, Fade, and Smooth transition.

  • Strobe - Pulsing colors that quickly change patterns
  • Fade - Fade in/out of different colors and patterns
  • Smooth - Fast color transitions that mostly focus on one color at a time


  • Dimensions: 8" diameter

What's Included:

  • LED Northern Lights Mood Lamp
  • Includes: Power adapter and LED light bulb