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How different would the world be if just 4 of the 7 billion people on this planet decided to plant a tree? 

Imagine touching the petal of a blooming tulip to find every tap plays a musical note as clean and beautiful as the flower itself.

The Piano Pot is a smart flower pot that turns the petals of any plant into magical piano keys!

In addition to turning the petals to piano keys, the Piano Pot also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker!

Connect your smart device via Bluetooth and dance to your favorite music in the company of a plant that is definitely not judging you.

Lets face it, the life of a plant has to be pretty boring. They just sit in one spot all day converting sunlight into food and exhaling oxygen. Introducing your favorite musical artist is sure to spice up the life of whatever flower you choose to plant in the Piano Pot.

There are 3 Modes:

  • The Piano Key Mode: This mode turns the petals of the plant into piano keys. Just tap the petal and a musical note will play. Studies have shown Plants respond to both touch and sound! You can bet your plant will enjoy all the attention.


  • Bluetooth mode: Connect any smart device via Bluetooth and dance to your favorite music in the company of a really chill plant that is always open to trying out different genres of music... Except Country... Plants hate Country music.


  • Night light mode: Cycle through 7 colors or settle on an a dim yellow light. This is very relaxing for the plant, especially after it has been partying with you all day.


  • Easy Set up:

You can treat the Piano Pot just like any other flower pot. All you need is soil, and the flower/plant/seed of your choice.

 A reservoir drain is located on the bottom of the Piano pot. If you over-water, it will drain through this hole. Make sure to place the Piano Pot on a dish so the water doesn't leak all over the place.


  • How it works:

A sensitive metal rod inside of the Piano Pot detects touch and sends a signal to
the Piano Pot to play a musical note.

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