Psychedelic 3D Optical Illusion Hologram Engraved USB Lamp

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Type: 7 Color Display
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It's important to us to create trippy products that inspire good vibes and spark the imagination of the observer.

We do this by designing outside of the box products that encourage lateral thinking and project a sense of peace and wonder.

Our 3D Illusion USB Lamp is a design we take pride in. From the drawing board to the production line, we succeed in translating our values into our products.

A Matte Black Base Holds Your Chosen, Laser Etched Acrylic Design. The touch sensitive power button allows you to switch between 7 different vibrant color modes. (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan, Ice-Blue, and Purple.) Can't decide which color you dig most? No problem. Our USB Lamps feature an automatic 7 color cycle mode that offers a smooth transition of all 7 colors.

  • How It Works:

An entourage of LED illuminate the laser etched acrylic design of your choice. This produces a stunning Hologram-like effect that tricks your brain into perceiving 3 Dimensions in a 2D design.

  • Shipping:

You Can Expect Your Lamp Delivered and in Your Hands Within 3-7 Business Days if you are located in the USA. An email will be sent allowing you to view where your package is at all times.

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We always go above and beyond to make our customers happy. Contact us with any question or concern and we will get back to you right away.

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