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Laser Show Projector Speaker Ripple Wave Series

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Step into another Dimension at the touch of a button. The Ripple Wave Projector by Trippy Needs takes you on a journey that will leave you awe-struck with a touch of inspiration. This is perfect for anyone who is stuck in a creative block, Instantly take your mind into another realm where anything is possible. 

  • The ideal Psychedelic Room Lighting. Perfect for any Party/Hangout Session

For the introvert who enjoys relaxing solo, or the Extrovert looking to create an impressive set-up for the next Smoke Sesh. The Ripple Wave Projector by Trippy Needs will Create the ideal atmosphere that will Elevate you higher.

  • Connect Your Phone and Play your favorite Jam!

Simply connect your phone using the AUX cord (Included) and press play. High Quality Speakers deliver a crisp sound that will make you want to sing!

  • New Versatile Remote Control

The New Remote allows for a flexible array of options for tweaking the Projector settings such as: Color, Ripple Speed, Mode, Music control, etc...

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